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Emeryville Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you need your home or business tile and grout cleaned or serviced and live here in Emeryville, CA give our office a call and let Emeryville Carpet Cleaning Masters do the work. Our well trained and highly skilled technicians can clean more than your carpets; we are also quite adept at grout servicing and tile cleaning. Emeryville residents love our work as it saves them time, money and the frustration of having to do backbreaking scrubbing and scouring when there are more pleasant and  important things to do. Our service is both affordable and very convenient so call us today for a free estimate and set an appointment for a cleaning.

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Q: Why is it so hard to get my tile and grout lines clean and bright looking?
A: Cleaning grout and tile can be frustrating for sure! This is because the sealant that should have been applied to your grout upon installation has worn off (or was never applied). Since grout is very porous, it absorbs whatever it comes into contact with. This includes food particles, blood, soap scum, urine, mud, juice, coffee, dirt, detergent, cooking grease, motor oil and hundreds of other substances that can fall, or spill on to your tiled surfaces. Since your tile was glazed at the factory, it is generally easy to clean and maintain since the glaze usually doesn’t wear off and surface dirt wipes off easily.

Q: So how do your Emeryville tile cleaning professionals get my tile and grout clean again?
A: We have our own effective combination of eco-friendly cleansers, unique cleaning methods and high tech equipment. These all work together to get your home or business tile and grout so clean that you’d think it was just installed. Lastly we’ll seal your newly cleaned grout so that it continues to look, feel and smell great for a long time to come.

Call Now: (510) 417-3633

Q: My kitchen countertops are tile and the grout I have is very worn and starting to come out in chunks. How can your company clean my tile and grout when it’s this far gone?
A: This will not be a problem. Our tile cleaning Emeryville experts can remove the old grout and professionally add new grout. We can also match your original color so that the entire cleaned and re-grouted job looks new, clean and bright. Naturally, we will seal this new grout so that it will be low maintenance and virtually trouble free for you for a long time to come.

Here at Emeryville Carpet Cleaning Masters we can also expertly clean and service your floors, medallions, countertops, table tops and walls that are lined with marble, jasper, slate, onyx, travertine, limestone and ceramic tiles. Call us for free estimates, more information, great rates, and friendly, helpful service from cleaning professionals that are the best in town!

Call Now: (510) 417-3633