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Emeryville Air Duct Cleaning

Clean indoor air is vital to good health and the best way to get it locally is to order professional Emeryville air duct cleaning from our company. Emeryville Carpet Cleaning Masters is known throughout the local area for our exceptional carpet care, but did you know that we also offer the region’s best air duct cleaning? Emeryville technicians from our company can clean the walls and floor of your HVAC system air ducts where contaminants collect and 1) block the air ducts, forcing your system to work harder and 2) are re-circulated back into your residential or commercial interior space where you and your loved ones, customers or close associates breathe them into your lungs. Your partially blocked system will use more energy and work less efficiently and all because of these continually circulating polluted substances.

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Q: What exactly are these harmful contaminants?
A: Usually these tiny particles consist of dust mites, insulation, pet dander, pollen, allergens, household chemicals, drywall dust, household chemicals, human dander, bacteria, second hand smoke, cooking vapors, grease and other unsavory items.
Q: I don’t feel ill. Does this mean that my air ducts are clean?
A: Do you feel tired, or like you just caught a bug? Symptoms of dirty air ducts can include irritability, tiredness, watery eyes, headaches, itchy skin, insomnia and other similar side effects. Many folks attribute these feelings to “something going around” and brush it off. For those with weakened immune systems like children, or the elderly, this can be serious.

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In a nutshell, our Emeryville air duct cleaning works like this. We use industrial strength brushes to loosen the contamination that has built up on the walls and flooring of your ductwork. This is then powerfully sucked into disposable canisters using a vacuum system designed for this purpose. The work is a little noisy but so effective at removing these harmful substances and clearing the blockage in your heating and cooling system.
In case you are wondering what to do next, here’s a tip. Call our Emeryville air duct cleaning technicians, ask questions and get a free estimate. Schedule an inspection of your home or business air duct system. We can expertly and quickly tell if your HVAC system needs to have its ductwork cleaned or not. If so, we offer convenient cleaning times, affordable rates and outstanding service work.

Who doesn’t want lower utility bills, cleaner indoor air, and better health? All it takes is a call to Emeryville Carpet Cleaning Masters. We’ll answer all of your questions and schedule your inspection or cleaning at a time that works well for you. The cost is minimal and the benefits are many so don’t put it off; call us today!

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